Cost-effective data virtualization at scale

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Data virtualization with Conduit

Conduit is a lightweight data virtualization tool that provides easier access to your data and enables faster data queries than any other technology. Conduit’s data virtualization capabilities connect to disparate data sources in real time to allow data access, management, and delivery in a single environment without the need to replicate it, regardless of format, location, or latency.

Save time

Whether delivering up-to-the-minute information to consumers, providing one place for IT to manage access, or running large queries in a fraction of the time, easier data access and high-speed queries save time and effort to get the data you need.

Enterprise ready

Quickly and easily install Conduit in a cloud environment to take advantage of scalable data management, on premises if needed, or in a hybrid scenario. Conduit’s data accessibility, management, and delivery capabilities meet the needs of any scenario.

Data in real time

Realize more business opportunities with nearly instantaneous connectivity, integration, and unification of large, diverse data sources without the need to replicate it. Conduit allows secure access to diverse data spread across the enterprise no matter where it’s stored.

How data virtualization works

1. Connect

Quickly connect to data from disparate sources, locations, and formats.

2. Translate

Translate and combine data in one place without the need to replicate it.

3. Deliver

Provide data to applications, processes, analytics, or business users in real-time.

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Conduit features


Start connecting to data right away with install and configuration in as little as 2 hours.

Unified data

Access data stored in different locations and manage it in a single environment without having to copy it.

Fast Query Engine

High-speed GPUs as the primary processor and optimized Spark CPUs as a backup crunch hundreds of millions of records in seconds.

Centralized Security

SSL certificates encrypt data as it moves between Conduit and other tools, and a built-in management console makes data governance easy.

Connect Without Code

Deliver data to business users with no coding, custom query engines, or extra development necessary.

Real Time Access

Provide Business users with the most current data in real time for analysis or application use.

Integrations and connectors

Conduit was designed to be tool and backend agnostic. 
Here are some of Conduit’s most popular integrations and connectors.


Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  Database for MySQL
  Database for Maria DB
  Blob Storage
  Elasticsearch Service
AWS RDS for Maria DB
  RDS for MySQL
  RDS for PostgreSQL
  Elasticsearch Service
Google Cloud Elasticsearch Service
Databases Microsoft SQL
Generic Protocol OData


Generic Protocol OData
Services & Apps MS Dynamics 365
  Power BI

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