The Lakehouse Optimizer

Measurable, predictable, forecasted value for your Databricks environment

Get higher return on your investment and minimize your total cost of ownership with self-facilitated optimization – that’s the future of cloud consumption. That’s the Lakehouse Optimizer.

Save 30% on TCO
Improve performance by 50%

Cut down your lakehouse costs, minimize your total cost of ownership, and drive more value from your cloud workspaces with the Lakehouse Optimizer by Blueprint.


Provisioning workloads with the right quantity and type of resources to reduce waste and increase throughput


Right-sizing and properly configuring resources to reduce latency and improve data processing speeds 


Eliminating complexity and scheduling jobs in an efficient workflow creating a consistent and predictable contribution to resource consumption

The Lakehouse Optimizer helps you…

Intelligent forecasting:

Receive financial predictability and stability of your organization’s spend

Executive insights engine:

Ability to allocate cost and measure performance by department, project, and initiative

Intelligent recommendations:

Receive specific, actionable recommendations tailored to your organization’s environment

Pool contention reporting:

Understand how to minimize latency for new workloads and maximize throughput

Autoscaling insights:

Identify inefficiencies and optimal autoscaling policy configurations

Forecasting, Visibility, and Planning

Optimizing and Educating 

Reviewing, Monitoring, and Ongoing Tuning

The Lakehouse Optimizer Cycle

Organizations need prescriptive instructions on how to optimize their Databricks environment. Companies need to minimize waste and maximize throughput with incident driven recommendations and lower DBUs which in turn creates more room for more data use cases to benefit the business. This is what the Lakehouse Optimizer delivers.

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