Performance optimization for Databricks featuring the Lakehouse Monitor

Inefficiencies surrounding your Databricks environment may be wasting money in your cloud operation costs.

Databricks has revolutionized the world of data and AI with its unified, collaborative cloud platform for data teams to build solutions together. To fully unlock its potential and maximize ROI for your organization, you need a partner that understands Databricks, as well as how to optimize your environment to maximize speed and reduce waste.

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Increase in platform value

Do more with your existing investment

Our cloud architects and data scientists deliver dashboards that break down usage on a per-second, per-job and per-resource basis to target inefficiencies that consume your platform’s bandwidth.

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Faster run speed

Optimized code and infrastructure

We assess the workloads of your Databricks operations with granular modeling including 400+ variables to quickly identify opportunities for hyper-charging query and reporting performance.

Databricks usage and spend visibility on any cloud platform

We approach cloud infrastructure holistically to uncover root causes of inefficient spend and slow processing, and we’ve worked with companies across every major cloud provider to optimize their Databricks environment end-to-end. Continually driving efficiency while minimizing processing and rigidity, our optimization solutions deliver immediate ROI and save you thousands in yearly costs.


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The foundational tool behind this service: Lakehouse Monitor

Lakehouse Monitor accelerator features:

  • Full visibility into your telemetry data
  • A historical and current analysis of what you have spent by job and resource, allocated to specific business functions, reports, and applications
  • Visibility into your cloud spend regardless if you’re on Azure, AWS or GCP
  • Starter kits with dashboard templates for real-time insights within Power BI and Tableau


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