Solution development


Blueprint is a worldwide digital transformation company specializing in rapid technology development and implementation. Whether you work with Blueprint to strategize and build a new solution, or you need to modernize a legacy system, the key to continued success comes from leveraging cutting-edge technology. Blueprint’s expertly built teams, products, processes and support infrastructure unlock value from existing assets to create additional revenue streams and new lines of business while increasing organizational flexibility and agility. 


Increase revenue

Achieve quick ROI by focusing on proven solutions developed with Blueprint.

Discover new opportunities

Unlock new adjacencies and possibilities and efficiently take advantage of them, driven by a modernized business application practice.

Modernize existing business processes

Streamline, update and optimize your existing business processes to take advantage of technology advancements and achieve maximum elasticity, cost effectiveness and ease of maintenance.

Sample use cases

Solution development the Blueprint Way

There are many ways to engage with Blueprint. As your digital transformation partner, Blueprint provides the structure and expertise to ensure your organization’s ongoing success for every step of the project journey, from strategy to deployment to scaling it up, achieving ROI quickly. No matter the engagement – reimagining inefficient practices, bringing new ideas to life or digitizing manual efforts, Blueprint meets you where you are to find the right solution that leads to lower costs, faster performance and more effective teams. 

If you don’t know where you want to begin, a project can start small and develop over time in many ways.

Blueprint combines guidance, expertise and diversity of thought with an intimate knowledge of your key business goals to deliver customized business strategies that facilitate growth and create operational efficiency.

A project definition workshop is a jumping-off point to facilitate conversations and connect disparate internal teams to ensure alignment on a project from the very beginning.

Blueprint can help facilitate innovation with its phased approach to innovation that includes personalized, yet methodical, curriculum designed to uncover innovative solutions to business problems identified during a series of facilitated workshops that encourage exploration and accelerated learning.

This process often results in a proof of concept that brings together Blueprint’s technology and industry experts to work with you to select and carefully define a high-value business use case that can be proven to drive measurable value within 60-90 days. Business moves faster than ever – your innovation projects should return value fast. From there, we also work with clients to scale and deploy the POC out across the business.

Whether you’ve worked with Blueprint to strategize and build a solution, or you’ve created one yourself, the key to continued success often lies in the management of your solution. By leveraging Blueprint’s expert managed services teams, products, processes and support infrastructure, you can reduce overhead and costs while increasing organizational flexibility and agility.

Project story

(n+1) solution in modern business

A premier water logistics company used a 3rd-party system for record maintenance to manually enter paper tickets collected from truck drivers after deliveries. The process to go from paper ticket to billing was cumbersome. The driver would stop at a small building, enter information from a paper ticket into a computer and place the paper ticket in a box. Those paper tickets were then collected at the end of the week, scanned and emailed to a 3rd party vendor to transcribe and enter the tickets into that company’s system. The water logistics company then had to extract that information from the other company’s system to invoice its customers through NetSuite. Blueprint designed and implemented an end-to-end reporting and invoicing system that eliminated time-consuming manual procedures and the need for an expensive 3rd-party system. The new solution was planned, built and launched for the cost of one year’s license with their 3rd Party vendor and resulted in faster, more reliable data storage and retrieval. 

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