Video analytics


Fill the gap in humans’ ability to process large amounts of visual information using advanced AI and machine learning algorithms. Blueprint leverages proprietary software combined with best-in-class partner technology to create lightweight, highly customizable solutions that deliver capabilities including video content search, real-time alerts and notifications, and direct access to data for effective analytics.


Enhance predictive capabilities

Integrate geospatial and pattern-of-life analytics with existing datasets to more accurately predict trends, improve operational efficiency, and reduce time to insight.

Discover hidden patterns

Augment existing analytical capabilities with event and behavioral pattern discovery across disparate video assets.

Turn interactions into insights

Transform physical locations into hubs of real-time data capture and analysis to elevate the customer experience and maximize revenue.

Sample use cases

Video analytics the Blueprint Way

NASH: Advanced video analytics solution from Blueprint

Acquire deeper understanding of customers, employees and areas of interest with the NASH Video Analytics solution. Your video assets contain key INSIGHTS that can drastically improve organizational intelligence capabilities. NASH’s advanced analytics and machine learning technologies built on Azure allow you to take control of those assets to accurately detect and track objects in motion, extract pattern-based insights and more.

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