What we do

Blueprint connects strategy, business solutions, products, and services to transform and grow companies.

Strategy and opportunity recognition

We redefine what’s possible and bring it to life with strategy and process guidance that drives exceptional, scalable, and repeatable results.


Technology expertise

We use our deep experience to develop cutting-edge technology solutions that help you plan smarter, act faster and grow your competitive advantage by increasing revenue and decreasing costs.


Services at scale

We leverage Blueprint’s expert teams, processes, products, and support infrastructure to reduce your overhead and other costs while increasing your organizational flexibility and agility



We build products that work in tandem with our solutions to solve your business problems.

Conduit: Data virtualization at scale

Conduit is a lightweight data virtualization tool that provides easier access to your data and enables faster data queries than any other technology.

NASH: Advanced video analytics solution

NASH’s advanced analytics and machine learning technologies allow you to take control of your video assets to extract pattern-based insights.

Our success stories

Case study

Centralized data is key to business success

Using Microsoft 365 to create a modern data storage environment and custom inventory management system

Case study

Improve inventory management with machine learning

Leveraging Azure Databricks and Power BI to deploy advanced analytics to retail inventory

Case study

Stream real-time data to unlock analytics

Connecting preexisting disparate storage platforms, formats and data for in-depth reporting company-wide

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