Data migration


Migration of legacy systems like Oracle or DB2 to the cloud provides reliability, scalability, increased organizational collaboration and significant cost savings to businesses. As a key component of a modern data estate strategy, Blueprint leverages industry-leading services and proven methodology to provide immediate business value.


Adapt with ease

Solve for current needs while providing the tools to adapt and grow efficiently.

Increase scalability

Deliver scalable solutions with agility, based on business requirements rather than budget constraints.

Uncover opportunities

Combine disparate data sources for holistic analytics and reveal new opportunities for growth and transformation.

Data migration the Blueprint Way

Data is rapidly generated across all facets of an organization, often leading to a data web that is difficult to navigate. Blueprint’s expertise and proven methodology identifies high-impact use cases to prove value quickly, then iterate, mature, and scale to meet your needs. Using an open-source license model, Blueprint delivers ROI with a cloud environment made to maximize agility, adaptability, and performance.

Sample use cases

Data migration success stories

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